Soldier-Citizen Award

The American College of Financial Services established the Soldier-Citizen Award in 2014 to recognize individuals in the financial services industry who have made significant contributions to the United States military, their community, and our society. We aim to celebrate sacrifice, success and service.

Sacrifice is illustrated by an individual defending a cause greater than oneself by honorably serving the Armed Forces of the United States.

Success is illustrated by an individual recognizing the powerful opportunity within this country’s free market system and finding personal rewards through hard work, dedication, and serving others.

Service is illustrated by an individual giving back, improving the lot of those coming behind, whether it be volunteering in the local community or serving society at large, the result being an improved American condition.



We are thrilled and honored to announce the 2022 Soldier-Citizen Award Nominee - 


General Lester L. Lyles, USAF (Ret.)

"I am both humbled to accept The American College of Financial Services 8th Soldier Citizen Award, and proud to join the ranks of impressive leaders previously selected. The 'People-person' part of me is one of the reasons that led to my serving our nation for almost 40-years. The same passion to help service members and their families in improving their own quality of life guided me during my 15-years on the Board of USAA - the last 8-years of which I served as the Chairman of the Board. Servant leadership is much like being a Soldier Citizen; it requires selfless sacrifice and commitment to helping others.”  - Gen. Lester L. Lyles, USAF (Ret.)

General Lyles joins an illustrious group of leaders who have been awardees of the Soldier-Citizen Award in the past. These great individuals exemplify the qualities of sacrifice, success, and service.






  “Admiral Fargo’s leadership at the highest levels of the United States Navy, the Department of Defense and American business will have a lasting impact for decades to come,” said retired Rear Admiral Frank Thorp, President & CEO of the US Navy Memorial. “And his leadership has set an example that will be emulated for even longer.”- United States Navy Memorial, March 2022